Coastal and Estuarine Hydrodynamics, summer 2022

As the summer slowly closes, I wanted to acknowledge all the exciting happenings within Coastal and Estuarine Hydrodynamics. Along with my co-Assistant Professor PIs Derek Grimes and Qianqian Liu, this really felt like a working research group! There was travel to conferences and into the field, research students moving on, proposals submitted and plenty of local activity.

We were happy to host Ruben Trejo and Karla Mills as part of the NSF REU program and supervised by Derek and Qianqian. They were never afraid to get dirty and brought enthusiasm and fresh eyes to our research topics including, physical measurements of boat wakes in the intracoastal and model-data evaluation for a Pamlico Sound hydrodynamic model. We wish them the best in their future science pursuits!

The inaugural CMS Coastal and Estuarine Research Group celebration!

PhD thesis submitted

Congratulations to University of Otago PhD student, Rafael Costa Santana! Almost 3 years to the day that he began his PhD research, Rafa has submitted his thesis for evaluation. Rafa has been remarkably efficient in being able to use ocean observations, and apply data assimilation techniques to better understand transport and variability of the East Auckland Current. He continues on with a post-doc at the University of Auckland and is sure to have many terrific future opportunities.

Thank you, Cody!

A great big thank you to recent UNCW Physics graduate, Cody Benton. For the last year, Cody has worked on a variety of projects from data curation and analysis, to poster presentations, public outreach, and instrument turn-arounds. Sad to see you go, but very excited for your next chapter: a PhD program at Rutgers University! But first, a European adventure and Utah backpack trek. Have fun out there!

Duke Marine Lab visit

Thank you to the Hench Lab for hosting my visit to the Duke Marine Laboratory and Beaufort, NC. Dolphin pods were meant to swim by the windows of the seminar room, but no such luck. This area has certainly seen a lot. Pamlico and Algonquian Native Americans to the town of Beaufort, established in 1713. It was a port-of-call in the trans-Atlantic and trans-American slave trade, Blackbeard the pirate ran aground, and marine research since the 1800s.

ISDE ROMS model simulations archived

Recently completed the archived hindcast ROMS model results for the ONR Inner-Shelf Dynamics Experiment archive. Big thank you to Amy Waterhouse (SIO) and Jack McSweeney (Stonybrook) for continuing to get these out. Thanks to all the modelers and UCSD library staff who helped put this together. A subset of these model data now live on with access for all!

Suanda, Sutara H.; Di Lorenzo, Emanuele; Miller, Arthur J.; Haas, Kevin; Edwards, Christopher A.; Moore, Andrew M.; Kumar, Nirnimesh; Xu, Tongtong; Cai, Donghua (2022). ISDE ROMS Hindcast model simulations. In Observations and Model Simulations from the Inner-Shelf Dynamics Experiment (ISDE). UC San Diego Library Digital Collections.

Inner-shelf study on the BAMS cover!

Honored to have an overview of this paper make the cover of BAMS. Nick Statom (SIO) deserves all the photo credit and thank you to Jim Lerczak (OSU) for continuing to lead the charge. Proud of this work though the heart is heavy remembering Nirni and Sean. Their contributions live on but I miss their spirits.

Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022 is here!

Here is a plug for some great science by PhD students presented at OSM2022

Emma Nuss:
Investigating short-crested breaking waves under variable directional spreads using phase-resolved modeling and laboratory observations
Session: CP03 Nearshore Processes 08
Date and Time: 3/1/2022: 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM, room 22

Phellipe Couto:
Nearshore-to-shelf coupling driven by waves and hydrodynamics offshore of the Kaikōura submarine canyon, New Zealand.
Session: CP04 Coastal connections: Material transport between Land, Estuaries and the Shelf 02
Date and Time: 3/3/2022: 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM, room 03

Rafael Santana:
Data assimilation sensitivity experiments in the East Auckland Current region
Session: OM03 Advances in Ocean Data Assimilation, Forecasting, and Reanalysis 01
Date and Time: 2/28/2022: 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM, room 17

Arnaud Valcarcel:
Elevated oceanic turbulent dissipation rates due to combined effects of strong tides and high winds
Session: PS01 Inter-scale connections and transfers in mesoscale, submesoscale, and boundary layer turbulence 02
Date and Time: 2/28/2022: 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM, room 10

Mireya Montaño
Influence of the oceanic mesoscale on coastal circulation within the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.
Session: PS05 Oceanic interscale connectivity: larger-scale dynamics influencing coastal regions 01
Date and Time: 3/3/2022: 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM, room 10