Outreach and media

ARMS paper in NOAA Climate Program Office news (September 2022)

Our recent work has been summarized/reviewed in the NOAA Climate Office newsletter. Check it out here.

St Clair to St Kilda Coastal Plan (August 2020)

The Dunedin City Council has an extensive public engagement campaign around future-planning and management of the wave-exposed St Clair and St Kilda coastal areas (see additional information here). University of Otago MSc student, Connor Davenport, has contributed model rip current experiments towards this effort (see his poster here). Thank you to Tom Simons-Smith, DCC, for his support ofthis work.

Southeast Marine Protected Area (August 2020)

The New Zealand Ministers of Conservation and Primary Industries are planning a network of Marine Protected Areas around the South Island. During the consultation period, I submitted a letter with my perspective on marine connectivity built on interpreting regional physical oceanography and recent “virtual particle tracking” results using Moana Project numerical model output. You can find this letter here:

Moana project in the Otago Daily Times (June 2020)

Rob Smith and I had our contribution to the Moana Project highlighted here. See the full animation of this model output posted on Youtube.