ISDE ROMS model simulations archived

Recently completed the archived hindcast ROMS model results for the ONR Inner-Shelf Dynamics Experiment archive. Big thank you to Amy Waterhouse (SIO) and Jack McSweeney (Stonybrook) for continuing to get these out. Thanks to all the modelers and UCSD library staff who helped put this together. A subset of these model data now live on with access for all!

Suanda, Sutara H.; Di Lorenzo, Emanuele; Miller, Arthur J.; Haas, Kevin; Edwards, Christopher A.; Moore, Andrew M.; Kumar, Nirnimesh; Xu, Tongtong; Cai, Donghua (2022). ISDE ROMS Hindcast model simulations. In Observations and Model Simulations from the Inner-Shelf Dynamics Experiment (ISDE). UC San Diego Library Digital Collections.


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