Coastal and Estuarine Hydrodynamics, summer 2022

As the summer slowly closes, I wanted to acknowledge all the exciting happenings within Coastal and Estuarine Hydrodynamics. Along with my co-Assistant Professor PIs Derek Grimes and Qianqian Liu, this really felt like a working research group! There was travel to conferences and into the field, research students moving on, proposals submitted and plenty of local activity.

We were happy to host Ruben Trejo and Karla Mills as part of the NSF REU program and supervised by Derek and Qianqian. They were never afraid to get dirty and brought enthusiasm and fresh eyes to our research topics including, physical measurements of boat wakes in the intracoastal and model-data evaluation for a Pamlico Sound hydrodynamic model. We wish them the best in their future science pursuits!

The inaugural CMS Coastal and Estuarine Research Group celebration!

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