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Ocean science curricular discussion

Terima kasih Pak Anin (Fakultas Perikanan dan Ilmu Kelautan, UNDIP) dan Pak Dwi Susanto (U. of Maryland) telah mengundang saya untuk bersama sama membahas kurikulum Oceanography and Marine Sciences di-AS. Interesting perspectives and great discussion!


cook strait eddies project funded!

Exciting news from New Zealand as our Marsden proposal is funded! Great leadership and patience by Craig Stevens to get this through. Looking forward to it.

ROXSI kick-off meeting

The ROcky shores eXperiments and SImulations (ROXSI) project held our kick-off meeting this week. Thank you to Jamie MacMahan, Naval Postgraduate School for hosting a terrific and fun workshop. Highlight here from our tour of potential field sites to study these dynamic nearshore environments (Hopkins Marine Station).

Highlight on Kaikōura

Some recent cool imagery courtesy of NASA and LandSat8:

NZ MetOcean and University of Otago PhD student, Phellipe Couto will have his work cut out for him to model and understand the multi-scale dynamics of these fronts, streaks and eddies. Not shown in these pictures is a large submarine canyon that sits beneath the surface and extends all the way to the coastline. Fun stuff!

Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022 – Abstract submissions open

Fingers crossed that the upcoming OSM meeting can proceed!

If you are looking for a hybrid session to submit your work, consider this one we propose in the coastal processes group,

CP04 Coastal connections: Material transport between Land, Estuaries and the Shelf

Physical transport and mixing is essential to predicting the dispersal and eventual fate of materials in the ocean. This will be an interdisciplinary session focusing on the sources, dynamics, and evolution of material along transport pathways between land, estuarine and shelf environments. Should be a blast!